aluminum fence

Aluminum Fences

Photo of wood horizontal rail fence with wire mesh between the horizontal slats

Aluminum Fencing is durable and a decorative way to define your property. 

Aluminum Fencing secure, attractive and allows you to see through it unlike a privacy fence.

One big advantage is that it will never rust. It is about four times lighter than steel. Aluminum fencing is also coated with an environmentally safe coating.

It’s the ideal way to enclose a pool area, play ground or even in the backyard in the event a HOA does not allow privacy fences.

There are multiple designs and colors from which to choose.

Photo of driveway with wood fence on either side. The fence is a wood fence with two horizontal slats and an upper "x style" slat.
Photo of play yard at a church with black aluminum fencing system

Aluminum Fencing is Perfect for Commerical Use

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum Fencing is a lightweight and versatile material. It will look good for many years because is it not susceptible to corrosion, even though it is constantly exposed to the elements. Many of our customers use it for aesthetic purposes, such as around their residential garden, their yard or as swimming pool fencing.

Photo of wroght iron black fence around a private inground pool that is on a steep slope hillside

Swimming pool fencing has special regulations. Click here for more information.