Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How Much Does a Fence Cost?

A. Like most home or business property improvement projects, the cost is going to depend on a number of things. The materials used, the size of the property to be fenced, the slope of the property and even tree lines along with the various code or neighborhood association requirements can all impact the cost. Another important decision is the type of gate(s) that will be needed. The other issues will be any buried utilities or restrictions associated with crossing creek beds or streams.

Once we have met with you and seen your property, we will offer you options to meet your reasons for wanting to build the fence. You will be able to pick the most cost-beneficial option with the greatest curb appeal or that will best enhance your property.

What we can promise is that our contracts will lock in the work and the charges for your fence. We will all know ahead of time what the cost will be, the exact materials and what the payments will be.


Q. How Long Before You Start?

A. Sands Fence Co LLC will begin your fence, barn or workshop project as soon as possible. But that means that we will not begin until the materials for your fence are in our warehouse and any licenses or permits have been acquired from your local government or from the stormwater office.

Our goal is to disrupt your property for a short a time as possible.


Q. How Long Does It Take?

A. Sands Fence Co LLC works on one project at a time. We begin your project when the materials you have selected are in our warehouse. We will work on your project until it is completed. Sometimes for smaller residential or commercial projects, a fence is installed in one day. For most, it will take several days. And occasionally, there are weather complications that will delay us for a day or two.

The installation time will also be impacted by choices you may have made concerning electric fencing or automatic gates or other security installations such as cameras or monitors.

We are committed to completing as quickly and as safely as possible.


Q. How do I know what kind of fence I need?

A. Sands Fence Co LLC will help you understand your choices about types of fences and gates once we have learned your reasons for installing a fence. A fence designed for maximum security for a business lot will guide us in one direction. A fence that is needed to keep a pet in and predators out is something else. Fences designed for pools will have specific codes requirements that must be met.

Your neighborhood association may have requirements for the materials or colors of fencing and your local government may have requirements for EMS access or there may be environmental issues relative to any wet or dry stream or creek crossings.

Once a fence is installed, there will be some needs for maintenance. You may want to explore choices based on lawn care and weed eating or you may want to consider whether wood, that must be sealed or painted is the kind of upkeep you are willing to do.

We will also explore what type of access points you need. The number and placement of gates are one issue, but the types of gates are also going to be defined by how you want to use the property. Driveway gates with automatic openers tied to your security system are choices as are the farm gates that have cattle guards.

As we understand your “must haves”, we will share options that are the most cost-beneficial for you.


Q. Do I have choices of materials?

A. There are so many exciting choices in fencing materials! Gone are the days when you hand to choose between silver chain link, barbed wire or wood panels. There are vinyl possibilities in colors and in wood-tone, aluminum in colors, steel, wide ranges of wood cuts, wrought iron among others.

We will help you sort through the choices based on the aesthetics, the types of needs you have for the fence and your budget.

Q. What Kinds of Gates do You Have?

A. Gates have gone high tech! With automatic entrance for vehicles or farm animals to gates that meet pool safety codes to charming garden gating, to gates designed for maximum security entrance and exit we will help you sort through the choices based on what your needs are and what is most cost-beneficial.

Q. How do I know the Right Height for My Fence?

A. Fence height is sometimes determined by community codes or by neighborhood association covenants. Most often it is ultimately determined by the purpose of the fence. Privacy fences will require higher fencing and may be determined by the way the area is situated on property in relation to neighbors or roads. Pool fences are required to be 48 inches tall. Fence heights may be determined by how high your pet can jump or how high any predatory animals can jump.


Q. Are there any Fence Regulations I Need to Worry About?

A All improvement projects are subject to permitting, codes and regulations of local and state entities. In addition, there may be homeowners association or neighborhood association covenants that have specifications regarding fences. Any project that will cross a creek, steam – even if it is a dry conveyance and even if you already have a driveway across the area, will require permitting from the state to assure the protection of the creek or stream and its natural banks. In addition, we will require an onsite clearance from the “Before You Dig” state inspectors to make sure we have no surprises of underground utilities as we install the fence line.

Sands Fence Co LLC will work with you to ensure that all permits and licenses are approved before we begin.


Q. What if I Need a Barn or Other Building?

A. Since it’s founding in 2005, Sands Fencing Co LLC has also included building and restoring barns and now buildings the outbuilding workshops that more and more homeowners want to have on their property. Our work in building Barns and Workshops is not a “sideline” business for us. We are delighted to build the buildings and then, if you want, fence it to secure it!