Questions to Ask Before You Start Your Fence

Fencing adds security, privacy and curb appeal to a residential or commercial property. Before we can begin there are a few construction issues that will need to be answered:

Are there neighborhood or community guidelines or codes that control the materials, height or placement of the fencing or gates?

Where are your property lines? A fence built on the property line will never belong to you regardless of the fact that you paid to construct it.

Are there any set-back requirements for a fence in the neighborhood covenants or in local codes.

Are there any creeks or streams that the fence will cross that may require special permitting from the county’s stormwater office?

Where are the water, electrical, gas phone or cable lines that may be buried along where the fence line is to go?

Sands Fence Company, LLC, is ready to help you get started with your new fencing plans. From the research about any codes to the materials that would fit your property and budget to making sure there are no unhappy surprises with underground utilities you will find our experience the perfect match for you fencing needs.